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"7 Familiar School Problems for Children with Asperger's - Which Ones Do YOU Want to Solve?"

Dear Parent,  

When children with Asperger’s attend school, it’s not exactly plain sailing.  

Big understatement, right?  

And I wonder which of these common problems you recognize?

  • Your child's so anxious and scared, they REFUSE TO GO TO SCHOOL
  • You endure HOMEWORK MELTDOWNS which last hours (and still don't get resolved) 
  • Your child can't ORGANIZE THEIR SCHOOL WORK 
  • You're sick and tired of EXPLAINING ASPERGER'S TO THE TEACHER (yet still getting nowhere)
  • EVERY MORNING IS A BATTLE to get up, and ready for school
  • Your child is AFRAID OF SCHOOL BULLIES who taunt and hit them
  • You worry endlessly whether your child will EVER REALLY MAKE FRIENDS 

As I'm sure you know; school life is incredibly tough for children with Asperger's. 

Let me share with you one particular mom's story, and how she battled these problems . . .

She Described Her Son's School Years as a NIGHTMARE

He was diagnosed aged 7, and straight away mom told the school.  

At first they seemed to make the right noises, and had regular 'catch up' meetings with the principal.

However it soon changed . . . and this mom was constantly back and forth at the school . . .  

Consoling her distraught son, and endlessly meeting school staff.

One Day She Went to Pick up Her Boy . . . and Could Hear His Tortured Screams from Her Car

She barged through reception, and found her sweet boy was LOCKED UP IN A STORE ROOM.

He and a few boys had been naughty . . . yet he was the only one being punished.  

She DEMANDED action from the principal.

To her utter disbelief - he said her son was:  

"Annoying to the other children, if he doesn't want trouble he should stop being annoying” 

When the guy in charge told her this - she knew the situation was IMPOSSIBLE

After an almighty bust up; she threatened to sue, and then moved her son to another school.

 Sadly life was EVEN WORSE at the Next School

He was stabbed with a sharpened pencil and had his head flushed down the toilet. 

Yet instead of disciplining the bullies, the teacher would tell HIM off for his loud reactions. 

He developed headaches and stomach aches; his Dr. could find no physical cause  

Soon he was refusing to go to school - clinically depressed, anxious and crying himself to sleep.

Such an Awful Story - And The WORST Part is How Common Experiences Like These Are 

Where children are damaged and uncared for in school.  

The ultimate round peg – being banged into the unforgiving square hole of school.

It just doesn’t work.  

Often leads to anxiety, depression, ill health and trauma for children with ASD.  

And as a parent, you live through the pain, worry, and guilt.  

It’s just horrendous.

However, There is Some GOOD NEWS . . . You Can Find Solutions to Many of These Problems  

In fact I've produced 5 specific resources which can help you and your child enjoy a more positive experience of school.

I’ve compiled them all into a package, which covers pretty much any school problems you'll encounter. It's called "The Asperger's School Stress Buster Package".

Just Before I Explain About This Package in Detail . . .Here's A Little About Who I Am and Why I Produced It

I'm Dave Angel and since 2006, I've worked with 1000's of families all around the world who have children with Asperger’s.

Through my daily emails, blog, and Facebook page I've been fortunate enough to connect with many parents, just like you.

And every single year, I receive so many heart breaking stories of children with Asperger's failing in school.

So I've decided to produce these resources, which finally give you and your child hope of a better school experience.

And Here's a Just a Taste of What You'll Discover Inside This Unique Resource Package:

"59 Frequently Answered Questions on Schooling & ASD (eBook)"  

This 143 page instantly downloadable resource is packed with proven tips, tricks & techniques to deal with your child's school. Including:  

  • The #1 method to motivate your child in school (p40)
  • BORED! When your child struggles with focus in class; here's what to do next . . . (p111)
  • How to prepare your child for middle school (p32)
  • How to improve your child's organizational skills (p53)
  • 7 ways to stop school anxiety (p133)
  • A simple – yet effective – way to get your child up and ready for the school day (p135) 

"Teach the Teachers about Asperger’s (eBook)"  

A lot of your child's school success depends on their teacher. Yet in a recent survey, many of you said your child's teacher DID NOT understand Asperger’s. 

So you need to be proactive and ensure the teacher has the correct knowledge, to give your child the best chance in school ...

I've devised a simple 2 step system to help you do this (it takes less than 60 minutes).You get: 

  • "A Teacher's Quick Guide To Asperger’s" - 15 page eBook, covers the basics every teacher needs to know about Asperger’s (includes 1 page "Asperger’s Cheat Sheet").
  • "Sample Teachers Letter and Report" – A simple "fill in the blanks" template all about your child. Introduces your child in a way that gets the teacher "on your side" right from the start.  

This resource will give your child's teacher a GOOD undersanding of your child's needs, in a quick and easy way. 

Here's what one mom said about my "Teach The Teacher's about Asperger's" guide:

"Dear Dave, Thanks so much for this timely resource. I looked it over and will be filling it out combining AS and overlapping ADHD to help my son's teachers and administrators understand him better. 

I have always started and ended a school year writing an introduction to his team of teachers and later in the year a summary reviewing what worked and what did not appear to work very well. I think the easy fill in the blank format will be helpful to so many others out there too. Regards, Barbara"

"How To Outwit, Outsmart and Outmaneuver the Bullies" (eBook) 

Respected Psychologist Jed Baker (ABC World News, Nightline, CBS Early Show) said:  

"In some areas, there have been reports of 90 percent of kids with Asperger's getting bullied on a daily basis".

It’s a BIG ISSUE (but sadly I suspect you know this already). So in this 29 page resouce I cover practical solutions to bullying problems like: 

  • 3 tell tales signs your child's being bullied (even when they're too scared to say) P4 
  • Your child's LEGAL RIGHTS if they are bullied in the USA, UK or Australia on P6
  • STRANGE BUT TRUE - How 'The Secret Service' can STOP your child's bullies P9
  • Exact words your child should say to stop the bully in their tracks P13
  • 5 steps to take when your child's bullied, and the school won’t do anything P24  

"Homework Help Guide" (eBook)  

This 39 page instantly downloadable resource is chock-full of Practical Solutions and PROVEN Examples to take (most) of the unnecessary pain out of homework. Including: 

  • 6 ways to improve your child's concentration P9
  • What to do when your child is OVERWHELMED P21
  • “If it's not perfect what's the point?” Understanding your child's mindset P6
  • How to have your child do their homework with little fuss P17
  • Why a quiet room with no distractions ISN'T always best for homework P27
  • Bonus Q&A: What to do when your child . . . Can't see the point of homework . . . Doesn't understand homework . . . Can't read well.

Asperger’s Education Program (eBook)

Here’s just a few of the great tips you’ll gain in this series of 7 transcribed interviews with school experts:

  • What novelist Steven King can show your child about “fitting in” to society - Jeffrey Deutsch (Life coach & adult with ASD) 
  • 4 ways to reduce your child’s anxiety on school tests - Dr. Christy Magneson (Author of “Teaching Children with Autism ...”) 
  • "Is it ever right to give an 8 year old anti-depressant drugs?" - Joan Nash (25 year veteran School Psychologist) answers this thorny question
  • This POWERFUL 9 word sentence virtually forces the school district to help - Mary Romaniec (Mom & professional advocate) 
  • How to cope with anger & frustration as a mom to a newly diagnosed child - Carol Shrand (School advocate, Massachusetts)
  • What every teacher should know about meltdowns - Dr. Richard Horowitz (Parenting coach)
  • What to do if your child is suspended or excluded - Dr. Stephan Silverman (Child Psychologist) & Rich Weinfeld (Educator)  

Now this was just a 'Sneak Peek' at some of the Highlights in 'The Asperger's School Stress Buster' Package

In total you'll get well over 296 pages of Trusted & Proven solutions to your Biggest Problems when it comes to educating your child with Asperger's.

It's all been designed specifcially to:

1. Improve your child's chances of doing well in school, and 

2. Reduce your stress levels as a parent.

And I'd imagine both of these are pretty important issues in your life right now.

So, What Would it be Worth for You to Finally Gain the Tools You Need, to Improve YOUR Child's Experience at School & Reduce The Stress Levels in YOUR Own Life?

Well to give you some idea. These resources have been sold for as much as $271 in total:

  • 59 Frequently Answered Questions on Schooling & ASD $19
  • Teach the Teachers about Asperger’s $9
  • How To Outwit, Outsmart and Outmaneuver the Bullies $19
  • Homework Help Guide $27
  • Asperger’s Education Program $197
  • Total Cost = $271  

They've never been offered as an entire package, until now . . . so I've been thinking about what would be a reasonable and fair price today. And don't worry, it won't be anywhere near as much as $271

As I know how important it is for you to have the best possible information to help your child succeed in school, therefore I don't want money to be an issue.  

So I've decided a reduced price of $97 would be a fair offer.  

However to ensure you get these valuable resources to help you, right now, I want to make it as easy as possible for you. I don't want money to be an issue. 

So you can get it for just $77 (however I'm not sure long I can keep it at this discounted price, until it rises back to $97) 

And as I Really want it to be a Complete "No Brainer" - You Can Try it Out for 90 Days RISK FREE ...

Yep - Try it out!

I don't want you to risk a penny. So you get a no risk (complete money back) guarantee for 90 days.

Enjoy all the resources and decide for yourself.

Your 90 Day, Unconditional Money Back Guarantee:

I personally guarantee you will be absolutely thrilled with your Asperger's School Stress Buster Package.

I am providing you with a ZERO Risk, Unconditional Money Back Guarantee: 

I invite YOU to test-drive your Asperger's School Stress Buster Package for 90 days.

And in the unlikely event you are not absolutely thrilled with what you have been taught, discovered and implemented. And you can't see the improvements in your child from continuing to apply your knowledge, you can change your “maybe” to an emphatic “no”, and get a FULL refund.

No one will ask you any questions.

No Hassle. No Fine Print. 

Simple and straightforward you are 100% delighted with what you get from these resources or I want you to ask for a full refund.

I know the value you will get and I am prepared to back myself knowing it does everything I said it would. This is the fairest Guarantee that I can Offer!

YOU decide if I'm wrong!

OK, So Now The Moment Of Truth . ..

The only real question to ask yourself is this. . .

Do you truly want the best possible resources to help you and your child get the best out of their schooling, and reduce your stress levels, starting from now.

Yes or No

If you've honestly answered “yes,” then you and your child can look forward to a happier, fulfilling and brighter future.

This could be the decision which changes you and your child's life.

I promise to do my part, if you will do yours

So what are you waiting for to start this new successful chapter in your life. Click the button below for full access to all these resources ===>

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PPS Here's what 1 parent said about the 'Teach Teacher's about Asperger's Guide':

"Thank you so much for this guide. My son will have a new class teacher after the holidays and I always found it hard to really remember everything a teacher needs to know about my special son...Now I have something short that sums it up beautifully - Maike"  

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